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Take control of your funds with our free online and open-source NXT walet

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Secure, Convenient and Customizable

On-blockchain trustless online NXT wallet - you own your account!


All wallet are encrypted client-side with state of the art AES-256 encryption, and can only be decrypted by you using your master password


Access your NXT from any device anywhere. No blockchain downloads, no wallet installation, no hassle.


Our unique plugin system allows you to expand the functionality of your NXT wallet, making it truly a crypto 2.0 system.

How it Works gives you the security of a downloadable client with the convenience of a web wallet. Users own their wallets, but do not have to download the blockchain or any other software! At no point does MyNXT have access to your funds.


When you register, you'll create a login password. You will use this password for logging into


You will also create a master password which is used to encrypt and decrypt your wallet. never receives this password.


Your wallet is encrypted and decrypted client-side - that is in your browser - using your master password.


The encrypted details of your NXT wallet are saved in Amazon AWS cloud servers and backed up regularly in multiple locations.


The encrypted details of your NXT wallet are saved in Amazon AWS cloud servers and backed up regularly in multiple locations.


Users have full ownership of their wallets. is simply a gateway to NXT. You can download backups of your...


Our Mobile App Here!

Access your MyNXT funds securely with our mobile app available for Android and iPhone. Check your balance and send/receive funds quicly and easily with the tap of a finger.

Plugins Enable Crypto 2.0 Features

Meet some of our plugins

NXT Assets

Buy, sell, view, search and transfer NXT assets. See your open orders, cancel orders and easily view your total asset value


Buy NXT with your European Bank Account using the 3rd party Coinimal system (

NXT Monetary

Exchange or send BTC with NXT using the SuperNET MGW Decentralized Exchange

NXT Full Client

Use the official NXT Full Client (a.k.a. NRS) drectly from your MyNXT Wallet.


We run a forum in the website, where you can ask any question and interact with other users. Please come and say hi to us!

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